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Camera Chair


The Camera Chair by Chris Burden, proposed in 2001, sought to merge the realms of furniture and photography through four distinct and inventive designs. The central premise was to craft a functional piece of furniture that doubled as a camera capable of capturing wide-angle photographs.

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3840 x 2160


Burden’s first concept for Camera Chair involved embedding small fixed lenses into the chair's seat and back, connected to a digital camera. These lenses would collaboratively create composite digital images, akin to the multifaceted eyes of bees.

The second design featured a curved glass pane that served both as a large lens and the chair's seat, with film storage beneath.

The third design envisioned a chair made from glass or translucent plastic, with the chair's back and seat functioning as the camera's lens, while the camera moved along a track, capturing panoramic photographs.

The fourth design, hailed as the most elegant, reimagined the chair itself as the camera, encased in a sleek exterior housing all the necessary camera components.

Despite the innovation and creative vision behind Camera Chair, practical and financial challenges prevented its realization.