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Path to Xanadu

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Path to Xanadu is a cinematic digital experience that submerges the viewer in Chris Burden’s imagined world and celebrates the enduring legacy of his grandest artistic visions. Designed as an interactive homage to the artist, this unique digital artwork introduces viewers to Chris Burden’s iconic and beloved streetlights, Erector-set towers, and meditative, beehive-like monuments across a mountainous landscape. Viewers are treated to a multi-dimensional ‘fly-through’ of the 3-D environment the artist conceptualized over the years, re-discovering his artistic vision in a digital landscape inspired by textures, and colors of the artist’s ideas for the work. A portion of proceeds from the sale of Path to Xanadu will directly benefit the Estate of Chris Burden and its vision and mission.

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3840 x 2160


In 2008, Chris Burden embarked on Xanadu, an ambitious concept for a human-scale cityscape that would be populated with his own sculptures.

Burden described the piece as “a metaphorical city condensed to the essentials.”

Though the artist never got to see Xanadu realized during his lifetime, it survives in maquette form at a much-reduced scale, together with archival materials of the many proposals about the work that was created by Burden in his lifetime, and is carefully preserved as part of the Estate archives.

Now, with the help of state-of-the-art technologies, the work many consider to be the artist’s “incomplete magnum opus” can be appreciated anew in digital form and shared with a broad global audience.