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Two Quickies are Better than One


Two Quickies Are Better Than One envisioned a kinetic sculpture, proposing a unique and intriguing concept. The artwork, proposed in 2010, was designed to consist of two real airplanes, each piloted by a single passenger, hinged on a central vertical pole and connected to a horizontally oriented fixed arm. The movement and equilibrium of this sculptural apparatus would necessitate each pilot’s precise control over their aircraft. This intricate dance between the two planes, with one's actions affecting the other's height and movement, created a captivating spectacle that underscored the need for skilled operators.

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3840 x 2160


Burden's choice of the Rutan Quickie Q1 kit plane, known for its homebuilt, single-seat design and affordable cost, added additional detail to the project’s realization.

The artist's fascination with Quickies dated back to the 1970s, reflecting his enduring interest in the intersection of art and aviation.

While Two Quickies Are Better Than One presented a thrilling concept of a ride, it is primarily an artistic endeavor with a high bar to actualization, until now in digital form.